Our orphanage is situated in the village Galijembe, Tanzania at an altitude of 2100 meters. It hosts more than 80 children aged 5 to 18, orphans of both parents. They are from seven different villages of Mbeya area. We provide them shelter, food, clothing, education and spiritual guidance. Our permanent staff consists of two people responsible for the children, one cook, one manager, and five teachers of our boarding school (Trinity Primary Medium School). 

We have at our disposal machinery and vehicles for agriculture, and also our own farm with different animals. In our plots we cultivate potatoes, corn, cabbages, peas and carrots. We have our own machines to clean the rice and to make cornflour.   

Since 2019 we have our own campsite named: “Furaha” (Joy), situated in the north coast of lake Malawi. Every June and December children of TOM -together with other children- are spending their school break time in our summer camps (it feels summer all year around there!)